trelloR: R API for Trello

> library(trelloR)

バージョン: 0.1.0

関数名 概略
get_board Get Board
get_card Get Card
get_flat GET url and return data.frame
get_id Get model ID
get_list Get List
get_member_boards Get Member's Boards
get_member_fields Get Member Info
get_my_boards Get Own Boards
get_team Get Team
trello_get Get Data From Trello API
trello_get_token Get A Secure Token
trello_search Search models


> get_board_cards(board)


> board <- get_id_board("")
Sending request...
Request URL:
Received 1 results
Returning tbl_df tbl data.frame
Converted into character vector of length 1 with name "Trello Development Roadmap"