DT: A Wrapper of the JavaScript Library 'DataTables'

> library(DT)

Attaching package: 'DT'
The following object is masked from 'package:igraph':


バージョン: 0.1

関数名 概略
JS Objects imported from other packages
copySWF Copy the Flash SWF file from the TableTools extension
dataTableAjax Register a data object in a shiny session for DataTables
dataTableOutput Helper functions for using DT in Shiny
datatable Create an HTML table widget using the DataTables library
formatCurrency Format table columns
styleInterval Conditional CSS styles
tableHeader Generate a table header or footer from column names



  • data
  • options
  • class
  • callback
  • rownames
  • colnames
  • container
  • caption
  • filter
  • escape
  • style
  • selection
  • extensions
> datatable(mtcars)