zoon: Reproducible, Accessible & Shareable Species Distribution Modelling

> library(zoon)

バージョン: 0.4.21

関数名 概略
AplumbeusOcc UK occurrence data for Anopheles plumbeus as taken from GBIF
BuildModule BuildModule
CWBZim Presence/absence of the coffee white stem borer in Zimbabwe 2003
Chain Chain modules together
ChangeWorkflow Change a workflow and rerun.
FrescaloBias Example bias raster for plants in England
GetMaxEnt Get MaxEnt
GetModuleList GetModuleList
GetPackage Helper to install (if needed) and load a package
LoadModule A function to load a module function from url or disk.
ModuleHelp ModuleHelp
RerunWorkflow Rerun a workflow object.
RunModels RunModels
UKAirRas UK Air temperature raster layer.
ZoonFigshare ZoonFigshare
ZoonModel ZoonModel
ZoonPredict ZoonPredict
plot.zoonWorkflow Plot a schematic illustration of a zoon workflow structure.
print.Summary A function to print zoon workflow summaries
print.zoonWorkflow A function to print a zoonWorkflow object
summary.zoonWorkflow A function to summarize the output of a zoon workflow
workflow Run a full workflow.
zoon Zoon: A package for comparing multple SDM models, good model diagnostics and better reproducibility