rjags: Bayesian Graphical Models using MCMC

> library(rjags)
Loading required package: coda
Linked to JAGS 4.0.1
Loaded modules: basemod,bugs

バージョン: 4.4

関数名 概略
LINE Linear regression example
adapt Adaptive phase for JAGS models
coda.samples Generate posterior samples in mcmc.list format
dic.samples Generate penalized deviance samples
diffdic Differences in penalized deviance
jags.model Create a JAGS model object
jags.samples Generate posterior samples
list.factories Advanced control over JAGS
load.module Dynamically load JAGS modules
mcarray.object Objects for representing MCMC output
parallel.seeds Get initial values for parallel RNGs
read.jagsdata Read data files for jags models
rjags-deprecated Deprecated Functions in the rjags package
rjags-package Bayesian graphical models using MCMC
update.jags Update jags models
variable.names.jags Functions for manipulating jags model objects