MuMIn: Multi-Model Inference


> library(MuMIn)

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バージョン: 1.15.1

関数名 概略
AICc Second-order Akaike Information Criterion
Beetle Flour beetle mortality data
Cement Cement hardening data
IC Various information criteria
MuMIn-model-utils Model utility functions
MuMIn-models List of supported models
MuMIn-package Multi-model inference
QAIC Quasi AIC or AICc
QIC QIC and quasi-Likelihood for GEE
Weights Akaike weights
dredge Automated model selection
exprApply Apply a function to calls inside an expression
get.models Retrieve models from selection table Get link from a GLM-type object
importance Relative variable importance
merge.model.selection Combine model selection tables
model.avg Model averaging
model.sel model selection table
nested Identify nested models
par.avg Parameter averaging
pdredge Automated model selection using parallel computation
plot.model.selection Visualize model selection table
predict.averaging Predict method for averaged models
predict_avg Average predictions (experimental)
r.squaredGLMM Pseudo-R-squared for Generalized Mixed-Effect models
r.squaredLR Likelihood-ratio based pseudo-R-squared
simplify.formula Manipulate model formulas
std.coef Standardized model coefficients
stdize Standardize data
subset.model.selection Subsetting model selection table
updateable Make a function return updateable result