vegdata: Access Vegetation Databases and Treat Taxonomy

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バージョン: 0.8.7

関数名 概略
elbaue Species Data and Altitude from floodplains of the river Elbe, Germany.
isc Indicate site conditions with community weighted mean values of traits or with mode of gradient classes (sum of species amplitudes).
lc Templates for pseudo-species according to Turboveg layer informations.
monotypic Creates a list of (regional) monotypic taxa from the given taxonomic checkist
syntab Syntaxonomic frequency tables
tax Query of Turboveg 2 taxonomic reference lists including (if available) concept synonomy and taxonomic hierarchy.
taxval Handling of taxonomy in vegetation data.
tv.biblio Check bibliographic references from Turboveg codes
tv.compRefl Compare different taxonomical reference lists.
tv.coverperc Cover code translation
tv.metadata Show metainfo of vegetation database or ecodbase
tv.obs Dataframe of plot-species observations directly from Turboveg Load site data from Turboveg Database
tv.traits Load species traits from Turboveg reference list
tv.veg Tabulates vegetation tables from Turboveg database
tv.write Write species-plot observations and site information to Turboveg database.
vegdata-package Functions to access data from vegetation databases and evaluate taxon names (with GermanSL).
vegetweb Retrieve data from vegetweb