pedigreemm: Pedigree-based mixed-effects models

> library(pedigreemm)
Loading required package: lme4

バージョン: 0.3.3

関数名 概略
Dmat vector of the diagonal for the D matrix from the decomposition A= TDT'
editPed Complete and Order a Pedigree
getA Additive Relationship Matrix
getAInv Inverse of the relationship matrix
inbreeding Inbreeding coefficients from a pedigree...
mastitis Mastitis cases in dairy cattle
milk Milk production
pedCows Pedigree of the cows in milk
pedCowsR Pedigree of the cows in milk with 0.70 of the information in pedCows
pedSires Pedigree of the sires from mastitis
pedigree Pedigree Constructor
pedigree-class Class "pedigree"
pedigreemm Fit mixed-effects models incorporating pedigrees
pedigreemm-class Pedigree-based mixed-effects model fits
relfactor Relationship factor from a pedigree...