RMySQL: Database Interface and 'MySQL' Driver for R


> library(RMySQL)
Error: package or namespace load failed for 'RMySQL'

バージョン: 0.10.5

関数名 概略
MySQLDriver-class Class MySQLDriver with constructor MySQL.
constants Constants
db-meta Database interface meta-data
dbApply Apply R/S-Plus functions to remote groups of DBMS rows (experimental)
dbConnect,MySQLDriver-method Connect/disconnect to a MySQL DBMS
dbDataType,MySQLDriver-method Determine the SQL Data Type of an S object
dbEscapeStrings Escape SQL-special characters in strings.
dbFetch,MySQLResult,numeric-method Execute a SQL statement on a database connection.
dbGetInfo,MySQLDriver-method Get information about a MySQL driver.
dbNextResult Fetch next result set from an SQL script or stored procedure (experimental)
dbReadTable,MySQLConnection,character-method Convenience functions for importing/exporting DBMS tables
dbUnloadDriver,MySQLDriver-method Unload MySQL driver.
dbWriteTable,MySQLConnection,character,data.frame-method Write a local data frame or file to the database.
isIdCurrent Check if a database object is valid.
make.db.names,MySQLConnection,character-method Make R/S-Plus identifiers into legal SQL identifiers
mysqlClientLibraryVersions MySQL Check for Compiled Versus Loaded Client Library Versions
mysqlHasDefault Check if default database is available.
result-meta Database interface meta-data.
transactions DBMS Transaction Management



> dbListFields(conn, name, ...)



> dbListTables(conn, ...)

dbReadTable / dbWriteTable


> dbReadTable(conn, name, ...)
> dbWriteTable(conn, name, value, ...)



> dbSendQuery(conn, statement, ...)