gapfill: Fill Missing Values in Satellite Data

> library(gapfill)
> data("ndvi")

バージョン: 0.9.3

関数名 概略
Array2Matrix Convert an Array with 4 Dimensions into a Matrix
ArrayAround Subset an Array with 4 dimensions
EstimateQuantile Estimate the Quantile of a Missing Value
Extend Implement an Alternative Gap-fill Algorithm
Gapfill Main Function for Gap-Filling
Image Image Panels
Index Index Conversions
Score Score Columns of a Matrix Containing NAs by its Values
Subset-Predict Subset and Predict Functions
Validate Validation with RMSE
gapfill-package Overview
ndvi NDVI Data from Alaska



> data("ndvi")
> ndvi %>% class()
[1] "array"