remake: Make-like build management

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バージョン: 0.3.0

関数名 概略
archive_export Export remake contents
archive_import Import a remake archive
auto_gitignore Automatically generate .gitignore
create_bindings Load remake bindings into the global environment
delete Delete targets
diagram Make a figure with the dependency graph
dump_environment Dump remake contents to environment
fetch Fetch last computed
fetch_archive Fetch a file or object from an archive
file_extensions Vector of file extensions
install_missing_packages Install missing packages
install_remake Install running script.
is_archive Test if a zip file is likely to be a remake archive, as created by 'archive_create'
is_current Determine if targets are current
list_archive List contents of a remake archive
list_targets List targets
make Make one or more targets
make_environment Construct environment
make_script Write standalone script to make targets
remake Command line interface to remake
remake_verbose Control remake verbosity
remodel remake / remodel
source_character Source a remake script