slackr: Send Messages, Images, R Objects and Files to 'Slack' Channels/Users

Rの出力結果をSlack ( のチャンネルに投稿

> library(slackr)


関数名 概略
dev_slackr Send the graphics contents of the current device to a '' channel
ggslackr Post a ggplot to a '' channel
save_slackr Save R objects to an RData file on ''
slackr Output R expressions to a '' channel/user
slackr-package slackr-package
slackr_bot Send result of R expressions to a '' channel via webhook API
slackr_channels Get a data frame of channels
slackr_chtrans Translate vector of channel names to channel ID's for API
slackr_groups Get a data frame of groups
slackr_ims Get a data frame of IM ids
slackr_setup Setup environment variables for '' API
slackr_upload Send a file to ''
slackr_users Get a data frame of users
text_slackr Sends basic text to a slack channel. Calls the
chat.postMessage method on the Slack Web API. Information on this method can be found here: