fields: Tools for Spatial Data


> library(fields)
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> data("ozone")
> data("ozone2")

バージョン: 8.2.1

関数名 概略
BD Data frame of the effect of buffer compositions on DNA strand displacement amplification. A 4-d regression data set with with replication. This is a useful test data set for exercising function fitting methods.
CO2 Simulated global CO2 observations
COmonthlyMet Monthly surface meterology for Colorado 1895-1997
Exp.cov Exponential family, radial basis functions,cubic spline, compactly supported Wendland family and stationary covariances.
Exponential Covariance functions
Krig Kriging surface estimate
Krig.Amatrix Smoother (or "hat") matrix relating predicted values to the dependent (Y) values.
Krig.engine.default Basic linear algebra utilities and other computations supporting the Krig function.
Krig.null.function Default function to create fixed matrix part of spatial process model.
Krig.replicates Collapse repeated spatial locations into unique locations
MLESpatialProcess Estimates key covariance parameters for a spatial process.
NorthAmericanRainfall Observed North American summer precipitation from the historical climate network.
QTps Robust and Quantile smoothing using a thin-plate spline
RCMexample 3-hour precipitation fields from a regional climate model
REML.test Maximum Likelihood estimates for some Matern covariance parameters.
RMprecip Monthly total precipitation (mm) for August 1997 in the Rocky Mountain Region and some gridded 4km elevation data sets (m).
Tps Thin plate spline regression
US Plot of the US with state boundaries
US.dat Outline of coterminous US and states.
Wendland Wendland family of covariance functions and supporting numerical functions
WorldBankCO2 Carbon emissions and demographic covariables by country for 1999.
add.image Adds an image to an existing plot.
arrow.plot Adds arrows to a plot
as.image Creates image from irregular x,y,z
as.surface Creates an "surface" object from grid values.
bplot boxplot
bplot.xy Boxplots for conditional distribution
colorbar.plot Adds color scale strips to an existing plot. Computes Space-Filling "Coverage" designs using Swapping Algorithm
drape.plot Perspective plot draped with colors in the facets.
fields fields - tools for spatial data
fields.diagonalize2 Fields supporting functions
fields.hints fields - graphics hints
fields.tests Testing fields functions
flame Response surface experiment ionizing a reagent
gcv.Krig Finds profile likelihood and GCV estimates of smoothing parameters for splines and Kriging.
grid list Some simple functions for working with gridded data and the grid format (grid.list) used in fields.
image.plot Draws image plot with a legend strip for the color scale based on either a regular grid or a
`grid of quadrilaterals.
image.smooth Kernel smoother for irregular 2-d data
image2lz Some simple functions for subsetting images
interp.surface Fast bilinear interpolator from a grid.
lennon Gray image of John Lennon.
`mKrig "micro Krig" Spatial process estimate of a curve or surface, "kriging" with a known covariance function.
mKrig.MLE Maximizes likelihood for the process marginal variance (rho) and nugget standard deviation (sigma) parameters (e.g. lambda) over a list of covariance models or a grid of covariance parameter values.
mKrig.grid Using MKrig for predicting on a grid.
minitri Mini triathlon results
`ozone Data set of ozone measurements at 20 Chicago monitoring stations.
ozone2 Daily 8-hour ozone averages for sites in the Midwest
plot.Krig Diagnostic and summary plots of a Kriging, spatialProcess or spline object.
plot.surface Plots a surface
poly.image Image plot for cells that are irregular quadrilaterals.
predict.Krig Evaluation of Krig spatial process estimate.
predict.surface This older surface function has been renamed as predictSurface
predictSE Standard errors of predictions for Krig spatial process estimate
predictSurface Evaluates a fitted function or the prediction error as a surface that is suitable for plotting with the image, persp, or contour functions.
print.Krig Print kriging fit results.
pushpin Adds a "push pin" to an existing 3-d plot
qsreg Quantile or Robust spline regression
quilt.plot Image plot for irregular spatial data.
` Experiment studying an appetite supressant in rats.
rdist Euclidean distance matrix Great circle distance matrix
ribbon.plot Adds to an existing plot, a ribbon of color, based on values from a color scale, along a sequence of line segments.
set.panel Specify a panel of plots
sim.Krig Conditional simulation of a spatial process
sim.rf Simulates a Stationary Gaussian random field
smooth.2d Kernel smoother for irregular 2-d data
spatialProcess Estimates a spatial process model.
spind2spam Conversion of formats for sparse matrices
splint Cubic spline interpolation
sreg Cubic smoothing spline regression
stationary.image.cov Exponential, Matern and general covariance functions for 2-d gridded locations.
stats Calculate summary statistics
stats.bin Bins data and finds some summary statistics.
summary.Krig Summary for Krig or spatialProcess estimated models.
summary.ncdf Summarizes a netCDF file handle
surface.Krig Plots a surface and contours
tim.colors Some useful color tables for images and tools to handle them.
transformx Linear transformation
vgram Finds a traditional or robust variogram for spatial data.
vgram.matrix Computes a variogram from an image
world Plot of the world
xline Draw a vertical line
yline Draw horizontal lines


> ozone %>% {
+   print(class(.))
+   str(.)
+ }
[1] "data.frame"
'data.frame':    41 obs. of  3 variables:
 $ x     : num  -74 -74.6 -74.7 -74.1 -74.3 ...
 $ y     : num  40.2 40.6 40.8 40.7 40.7 ...
 $ median: atomic  59 58 90 80 50 47 81 56 55 72 ...
  ..- attr(*, "Label")= chr "Median daily maxima for June to August"


> ozone2 %>% {
+   print(class(.))
+   str(.)
+ }
[1] "list"
List of 4
 $   : num [1:153, 1:2] -91.4 -88.2 -87.5 -87.7 -87.6 ...
 $ y         : num [1:89, 1:153] 35.2 49.4 53.4 58.4 70.2 ...
  ..- attr(*, "dimnames")=List of 2
  .. ..$ : chr [1:89] "870603" "870604" "870605" "870606" ...
  .. ..$ : NULL
 $ chr [1:153] "170010006" "170190004" "170310032" "170310037" ...
 $ dates     : chr [1:89] "870603" "870604" "870605" "870606" ...