geiger: Analysis of evolutionary diversification

> library(geiger)

バージョン: 2.0.3

関数名 概略
aicm Akaike's Information Criterion for MCMC samples (AICM) 
aicw determining Akaike weights
amphibia example datasets
aov.phylo phylogenetic ANOVA and MANOVA
area.between.curves deprecated functions in GEIGER estimate net diversification rate
calibrate.mecca calibrating MECCA
calibrate.rjmcmc initialize proposal width
congruify.phylo ultrametricization of trees from a supplied timetree
dcount prior densities for truncated discrete random variable
drop.extinct prune specified taxa from a phylogenetic tree
dtt disparity-through-time
ex.traitgram internal geiger functions
fitContinuous model fitting for continuous comparative data
fitContinuousMCMC Fit models of continuous trait evolution to comparative data using MCMC
fitDiscrete model fitting for discrete comparative data
gbresolve NCBI taxonomy
geiger-package GEIGER
load.rjmcmc posterior samples from single or multiple MCMC runs
make.gbm tailor reversible-jump Markov chain Monte Carlo sampling
mecca running a MECCA analysis
medusa MEDUSA: modeling evolutionary diversification using stepwise AIC
name.check Compares taxa in data and tree
nh.test using the Freckleton and Harvey node-height test
nodelabel.phylo Blending information from taxonomies and trees
plot.medusa MEDUSA: modeling evolutionary diversification using stepwise AIC
pp.mcmc using posterior predictive MCMC for modeling quantitative trait evolution internal geiger functions
ratematrix evolutionary VCV matrix
rc relative cladogenesis test
rescale Tree transformations Bayesian sampling of shifts in trait evolution: relaxed Brownian motion birth-death population simulator
sim.bdtree birth-death tree simulator
sim.char simulate character evolution
startingpt.mecca starting values for MECCA
subset.phylo blending information from taxonomies and trees
tips descendents of a given node in a phylogenetic tree
to.auteur conversion of MCMC samples between auteur and coda
treedata compare taxa in data and tree