dygraphs: Interface to Dygraphs Interactive Time Series Charting Library

> library(dygraphs)

バージョン: 0.7

関数名 概略
dyAnnotation Annotation for dygraph chart
dyAxis dygraph axis
dyCSS CSS for dygraph labels and legend
dyCallbacks Callbacks for dygraph events
dyEvent dygraph event line
dyHighlight dygraph series mouse-over highlighting
dyLegend dygraph legend
dyLimit dygraph limit line
dyOptions dygraph options
dyRangeSelector dygraph interactive range selection and zooming
dyRoller dygraph rolling average period text box
dySeries dygraph data series
dySeriesData Add series data to dygraph
dyShading dygraph region shading
dygraph dygraph interactive plot for time series data
dygraph-shiny Shiny bindings for dygraph
dygraphs-exports dygraph exported operators and S3 methods

> dygraph(nhtemp, main = "New Haven Temperatures") %>% 
+   dyRangeSelector(dateWindow = c("1920-01-01", "1960-01-01"))