ouch: Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Models for Phylogenetic Comparative Hypotheses

> library(ouch)

バージョン: 2.9.2

関数名 概略
anolis.ssd Greater Antillean anolis lizard sexual size dimorphism data.
ape2ouch Convert an "ape" tree to an "ouch" tree.
bimac Anolis bimaculatus lizard size data.
brown Fit a Brownian-motion model of evolution along a phylogenetic tree
browntree Fitted phylogenetic Brownian motion model
hansen Hansen model of evolution along a phylogenetic tree
hansentree hansen tree object
hansentree-methods Methods of the "hansentree" class
ouch-package Ornstein-Uhlenbeck methods for comparative phylogenetic hypotheses
ouchtree Phylogenetic tree object in 'ouch' format.
paint Painting selective regimes on a phylogenetic tree.