raster: Geographic Data Analysis and Modeling


> library(raster)
Error: package or namespace load failed for 'raster'

バージョン: 2.5.8

関数名 概略
Arith-methods Arithmetic with Raster* objects
Compare-methods Compare Raster* objects
Extent-class Class "Extent"
Geary Spatial autocorrelation
KML Write a KML or KMZ file
Logic-methods Logical operators and functions
Math-methods Mathematical functions
NAvalue Set the NA value of a RasterLayer
RGB Create a Red-Green-Blue Raster object
Raster-class Raster* classes
Summary-methods Summary methods
Which Which cells are TRUE?
[<-,RasterLayer,RasterLayer,missing-method Replace cell values or layers of a Raster* object
[[,Raster,ANY,ANY-method Indexing to extract values of a Raster* object
addLayer Add or drop a layer
adjacent Adjacent cells
aggregate Aggregate raster cells or SpatialPolygons/Lines
alignExtent Align an extent (object of class Extent)
animate Animate layers of a Raster* object
approxNA Estimate values for cell values that are 'NA' by interpolating between layers
area Size of cells
as.data.frame Get a data.frame with raster cell values, or coerce SpatialPolygons, Lines, or Points to a data.frame
as.logical,Raster-method Change values to logical
as.matrix Get a matrix with raster cell values
as.raster Coerce to a 'raster' object
atan2 Two argument arc-tangent
bandnr Number of bands
barplot Bar plot of a RasterLayer
beginCluster Use a multi-core cluster
bind Bind Spatial* objects
blockSize Block size for writing files
boundaries boundaries (edges) detection
boxplot Box plot of Raster objects
brick Create a RasterBrick object
buffer buffer
calc Calculate
cellFromRowCol Get cell, row, or column number
cellStats Statistics across cells
cellsFromExtent Cells from Extent
clamp Clamp values
clearValues Clear values
click Query by clicking on a map
clump Detect clumps
colortable colortable
compareCRS Partially compare two CRS objects
compareRaster Compare Raster objects
contour Contour plot
corLocal Local correlation coefficient
cover Replace NA values with values of other layers
crop Crop
crosstab Cross-tabulate
cut Convert values to classes
cv Coefficient of variation
dataSize Raster file properties
dataType Data type
density Density plot
dim Dimensions of a Raster* object
direction Direction
disaggregate Disaggregate
distance Distance
distanceFromPoints Distance from points
drawExtent Create an Extent object by drawing on a map
drawPoly Draw a line or polygon
erase Erase parts of a Spatial* object
extend Extend
extension Filename extensions
extent Extent
extract Extract values from Raster objects
filename Filename
filledContour Filled contour plot
flip Flip
floor,Extent-method round Extent coordinates
flowPath Flow path
focal Focal values
focalWeight Focal weights matrix
freq Frequency table
fromDisk Are values in memory and/or on disk?
gain Gain and offset of values on file
geom Get the coordinates of a vector type Spatial* object
getData Get geographic data
getValues Get raster cell values
getValuesBlock Get a block of raster cell values
getValuesFocal Get focal raster cell values
getZ Get or set z-values
gridDistance Distance on a grid
hdr Header files
head Show the head or tail of a Raster* object
hillShade Hill shading
hist Histogram
image Image
init Intitialize a Raster object with values
interpolate Interpolate
intersect Intersect
is.factor Factors
isLonLat Is this longitude/latitude data?
layerStats Correlation and (weighted) covariance
layerize Layerize
localFun Local functions
mask Mask values in a Raster object
match Value matching for Raster* objects
merge Merge Raster* objects
metadata Metadata
minValue Minimum and maximum values
modal modal value
mosaic Merge Raster* objects using a function for overlapping areas
movingFun Moving functions
names Names of raster layers
ncell Number or rows, columns, and cells of a Raster* object
nlayers Number of layers
origin Origin
overlay Overlay Raster objects
pairs Pairs plot (matrix of scatterplots)
persp Perspective plot
plot Plot a Raster* object
plotRGB Red-Green-Blue plot of a multi-layered Raster object
pointDistance Distance between points
predict Spatial model predictions
projectRaster Project a Raster object
projection Get or set a coordinate reference system (projection)
quantile Raster quantiles
raster Create a RasterLayer object
raster-package Overview of the functions in the raster package
rasterFromCells Subset a raster by cell numbers
rasterFromXYZ Create a Raster* object from x, y, z values
rasterOptions Global options for the raster package
rasterTmpFile Temporary files
rasterToContour Raster to contour lines conversion
rasterToPoints Raster to points conversion
rasterToPolygons Raster to polygons conversion
rasterize Rasterize points, lines, or polygons
readAll Read values from disk
readIniFile Read a .ini file
readStart Helper functions for programming
reclassify Reclassify
rectify rectify a Raster object
resample Resample a Raster object
rotate Rotate
rotated Do the raster cells have a rotation?
round,RasterLayer-method Integer values
rowFromCell Row or column number from a cell number
rowSums rowSum and colSum for Raster objects
sampleInt Sample integer values
sampleRandom Random sample
sampleRegular Regular sample
sampleStratified Stratified random sample
scale Scale values
scalebar scalebar
select Geometric subsetting
setExtent Set the extent of a RasterLayer
setMinMax Compute min and max values
setValues Set values of a Raster object
shapefile Read or write a shapefile
shift Shift
slopeAspect Slope and aspect
spLines Create SpatialLines or SpatialPolygons
spplot Use spplot to plot a Raster* object
stack Create a RasterStack object
stackApply Apply a function on subsets of a RasterStack or RasterBrick
stackSave Save or open a RasterStack file
stackSelect Select cell values from a multi-layer Raster* object
stretch Stretch
subs Substitute values in a Raster* object
subset Subset layers in a Raster* object
summary,RasterLayer-method Summary
symdif Symetrical difference
t Transpose
terrain Terrain characteristics
text Add labels to a map
trim Trim
union Union Extent or SpatialPolygons* objects
unique Unique values
unstack Unstack
update Update raster cells of files (on disk)
validCell Validity of a cell, column or row number
validNames Create valid names
weighted.mean Weighted mean of rasters
which.min Where is the min or max value?
writeFormats File types for writing
writeRaster Write raster data to a file
writeValues Write values to a file
xmin Coordinates of the Extent of a Raster object
xres Resolution
xyFromCell Coordinates from a row, column or cell number
zApply z (time) apply
zonal Zonal statistics
zoom Zoom in on a map

autocorrelation / Geary / Moran / MoralLocal / GearyLocal



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> r <- raster(nrows = 10, ncols = 10)
Error in eval(expr, envir, enclos): could not find function "raster"
> r[] <- 1:ncell(r)
Error in eval(expr, envir, enclos): could not find function "ncell"
> Moran(r)
Error in eval(expr, envir, enclos): could not find function "Moran"
> Geary(r)
Error in eval(expr, envir, enclos): could not find function "Geary"
> MoranLocal(r)
Error in eval(expr, envir, enclos): could not find function "MoranLocal"



> r <- raster(nrow = 45, ncol = 90)
> r[] <- 1:ncell(r)
> e <- extent(-160, 10, 30, 60)
> rc <- crop(r, e)


> r <- raster()
Error in eval(expr, envir, enclos): could not find function "raster"
> ncell(r)
Error in eval(expr, envir, enclos): could not find function "ncell"
> ncol(r)
Error in ncol(r): object 'r' not found
> nrow(r)
Error in nrow(r): object 'r' not found
> dim(r)
Error in eval(expr, envir, enclos): object 'r' not found




  • x
  • band
  • ...
  • layer
  • values
  • nrows
  • ncols
  • xmn
  • xmx
  • ymn
  • ymx
  • ext
  • crs
  • resolution
  • vals
  • origin
  • template
> raster(nrows = 10, ncols = 10)
Error in eval(expr, envir, enclos): could not find function "raster"