clifro: Easily Download and Visualise Climate Data from CliFlo


> library(clifro)

バージョン: 2.4.1

関数名 概略
+,cfStation,cfStation-method Arithmetic Operators for Clifro Objects
[[,dataFrame-method Subsetting Methods for Clifro Objects
cfDatatype-class The Clifro Datatype Object
cfStation-class The Clifro Station Object
cfUser-class The Clifro User Object
cf_find_station Search for Clifro Stations
cf_last_query Retrieve Last Query Result from CliFlo
cf_query Retrieve Data from the National Climate Database
cf_save_kml Save Clifro Station Information to a KML File
clifro From CliFlo to 'clifro': Enhancing The National Climate Database With R
dimnames,dataFrame-method Dimension Attributes of a Clifro Object
plot,cfEarthTemp,missing-method Plot Earth Temperatures
plot,cfPressure,missing-method Plot Mean Sea Level Atmospheric Pressure
plot,cfRain,missing-method Plot Rain Timeseries
plot,cfScreenObs,missing-method Plot Screen Observations
plot,cfSunshine,missing-method Plot Sunshine Hours
plot,cfTemp,missing-method Plot Temperature Range
plot,cfWind,missing-method Plot Clifro Wind Objects
plot.cfDataList Default Clifro Plotting
summary,cfUser-method Summarise User Information
summary,cfWind-method Summarise Clifro Wind Data
windrose Plot a windrose