lazyWeave: LaTeX Wrappers for R Users

Rユーザーのための \LaTeX ラッパー

> library(lazyWeave)

Attaching package: 'lazyWeave'

The following object is masked from 'package:ape':


バージョン: 3.0.0

関数名 概略
ComparisonTable Comparison Tables
Delivery Obstetric Delivery Log
Scout Scout Advancement Data
WritePrintCtable Write and Print Comparison Tables
is_significant Test the significance of a p-value Compile a PDF or HTML Report
lazy.citation Add R or R Package Citation
lazy.counter Create and Manage Counters for LaTeX Documents
lazy.figure Include Figures in Latex Documents
lazy.file.end End LaTeX Documents
lazy.file.start Initiate New LaTeX, HTML, or Markdown Files
lazy.footnote Add a Footnote
lazy.insert.code Insert Code to a TeX or HTML document
lazy.label Reference Tables, Figures, Sections, and Pages
lazy.landscape Landscape Page Orientation Links to Webpages or External Documents
lazy.list Lists in LaTeX and HTML
lazy.matrix Convert Matrix to LaTeX Table Start New Page in LaTeX Change Page Numbering
lazy.section Open Sections in LaTeX Documents
lazy.table Tables in LaTeX
lazy.text Paragraphs in LaTeX
lazy.text.format Format Text
lazy.toc Table of Contents and Other Lists
lazy.verbatim.end Verbatim Environments
lazy.write Output LaTeX Code to a File
lazyWeave Generate Latex or HTML reports from R
mantel.test Mantel-Haenszel test for two-way tables
map.size Convert text size specifications between LaTeX and HTML formats
pvalString Format P-values for Reports
setHtmlOptions lazyWeave HTML Report Options
univ Univariable Table
write.univ Write Univariate Table to a File