mapmate: Make Still Image Sequences For Data Animations

> library(mapmate)
> data("annualtemps")

バージョン: 0.0.2

関数名 概略
annualtemps 2010-2099 global projected annual average
temperature anomalies
bathymetry Spatially aggregated example global bathymetry surface
borders Global national political borders
do_projection Project points onto globe
get_lonlat_seq Generate a sequence of coordinates
get_ma Obtain moving average map series
monthlytemps 2010-2099 single map grid cell projected
monthly average temperatures anomalies
pad_frames Pad the end of list of data frames
project_to_hemisphere Identidy visible points on an arbitrary global hemishpere view.
runOrtho Run Shiny app example
save_map Save maps to disk
save_seq Save a sequence of still images to disk
save_ts Save time series plots