gmailr: Access the Gmail RESTful API


> library(gmailr)

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    body, date, labels, message

バージョン: 0.6.0

関数名 概略
as.character.mime Convert a mime object to character representation
attach_part Attach an object to a mime message
attachment Retrieve an attachment to a message
body Get the body text of a message or draft
create_draft Create a draft from a mime message
create_label Create a new label
delete_label Permanently delete a label
delete_message Permanently delete a single message
delete_thread Permanently delete a single thread.
draft Get a single draft
drafts Get a list of drafts
format Format gmailr objects for pretty printing
gmail_auth Setup oauth authentication for your gmail
gmailr 'gmailr' makes gmail access easy.
history Retrieve change history for the inbox
id Get the id of a gmailr object
import_message Import a message into the gmail mailbox from a mime message
insert_message Insert a message into the gmail mailbox from a mime message
label Get a specific label
labels Get a list of all labels
message Get a single message
messages Get a list of messages
mime Create a mime formatted message object
modify_message Modify the labels on a message
modify_thread Modify the labels on a thread
print Print gmailr objects
quoted_printable_encode Encode text using quoted printable
save_attachment save the attachment to a file
save_attachments Save attachments to a message
send_draft Send a draft
send_message Send a message from a mime message
text_body Add a text or html body to a mime message
thread Get a single thread
threads Get a list of threads
to Methods to get values from message or drafts
to.mime Accessor functions for mime messages
trash_message Send a single message to the trash
trash_thread Send a single thread to the trash
untrash_message Remove a single message from the trash
untrash_thread Remove a single thread from the trash.
update_label Update a existing label.