pacman: Package Management Tool

> library(pacman)

バージョン: 0.4.1

関数名` 概略
p_author Package Author
p_base Base Install Packages
p_boot Script Header: Ensure 'pacman' is Installed
p_citation Package Citation
p_cran CRAN Packages
p_data Package Data Sets
p_delete Permanently Remove Package Removal(s) From Library
p_depends Package Dependencies
p_detectOS Detects Operating System
p_exists Checks if Package is On CRAN/In Local Library
p_extract Convert String With Commas Into Elements
p_functions Package Functions
p_help Package Help Manual
p_information Package Information
p_install Installs & Loads Packages
p_install_gh Installs & Loads GitHub Packages
p_install_version Install Minimal Package Version
p_install_version_gh Install Minimal GitHub Package Version
p_interactive Interactive Package Exploration
p_isinstalled Checks if Package is Installed
p_library Display Library Packages
p_load Load One or More Packages
p_load_current_gh Force Install and Load One or More GitHub Packages
p_load_gh Load One or More GitHub Packages
p_loaded Check for Loaded Packages
p_news Package/R News
p_old Compare Installed Packages with CRAN-like Repositories
p_opendir Attempts to open a directory in a file browser
p_path Path to Library of Add-On Packages
p_search_any Search CRAN Packages by Maintainer, Author, Version or Package
p_search_library Partial Matching Package Search
p_set_cranrepo Check if Repo is Set
p_temp Install a Package Temporarily
p_unload Unloads package(s)
p_unlock Delete 00LOCK Directory
p_update Update Out-of-Date Packages
p_version Package Version
p_vignette View Package Vignette(s)
print.p_version_diff Prints a p_version_diff Object
print.search_any Prints a search_any Object
print.wide_table Prints a wide_table Object




  • package
  • static
> p_data(lattice)
  Data          Description                                          
1 barley        Yield data from a Minnesota barley trial             
2 environmental Atmospheric environmental conditions in New York City
3 ethanol       Engine exhaust fumes from burning ethanol            
4 melanoma      Melanoma skin cancer incidence                       
5 singer        Heights of New York Choral Society singers




  • package
  • local
> p_exists(pacman)
[1] TRUE



> p_help(pacman)




  • char
  • install
  • update
  • character.only
  • ...
> p_load(lattice, foreign, boot, rpart)




  • char
  • install
  • update
  • character.only
  • ...
> p_load_gh("Dasonk/Dmisc", "trinker/regexr")