rvg: R Graphics Devices for Vector Graphics Output

> library(rvg)

Attaching package: 'rvg'
The following object is masked from 'package:magrittr':


バージョン: 0.0.9

関数名 概略
dml_docx DrawingML graphic device for Microsoft Word
dml_pptx DrawingML graphic device for Microsoft PowerPoint
drawDetails.interactivePointsGrob interactivePointsGrob drawing
drawDetails.interactivePolygonGrob interactivePolygonGrob drawing
drawDetails.interactivePolylineGrob interactivePolylineGrob drawing
drawDetails.interactiveRectGrob interactiveRectGrob drawing
drawDetails.interactiveSegmentsGrob interactiveSegmentsGrob drawing
drawDetails.interactiveTextGrob interactiveTextGrob drawing
dsvg SVG Graphics Driver
dsvg_view Run plotting code and view svg in RStudio Viewer or web broswer.
interactivePointsGrob Generate interactive grob points
interactivePolygonGrob Generate interactive grob polygons
interactivePolylineGrob Generate an Interactive Grob Path
interactiveRectGrob Generate interactive grob rectangles
interactiveSegmentsGrob Generate interactive grob segments
interactiveTextGrob Generate interactive grob text
rvg_tracer_off trace off id colection
rvg_tracer_on trace on id colection
send_click send click
send_tooltip send tooltip
set_data_id add id
write_docx Microsoft Word Graphics Device
write_pptx Microsoft PowerPoint Graphics Device


> dsvg_view(hist(rnorm(100)))


> write_docx(file = "my_plot_1.docx", code = plot(rnorm(10)) )