MESS: Miscellaneous Esoteric Statistical Scripts


> library(MESS)
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バージョン: 0.3.2

関数名 概略
MESS-package Collection of miscellaneous useful and semi-useful functions
QIC Quasi Information Criterion
adaptive.weights Compute weights for use with adaptive lasso.
auc Compute the area under the curve for two vectors.
bdstat Danish live births and deaths
bees Bee data. Number of different types of bees caught.
clotting Blood clotting for 158 rats
cmd Correlation matrix distance
common.shared Compute a common shared environment matrix
desctable Create a descriptive table of summaries
drop1.geeglm Drop All Possible Single Terms to a geeglm Model Using Wald Test
feature.test Inference for features identified by the Lasso
geekin Fit a generalized estimating equation (GEE) model with fixed additive correlation structure
gkgamma Goodman-Kruskal's gamma statistic for a two-dimensional table
greenland Average yearly summer air temperature for Tasiilaq, Greenland
happiness Happiness score and tax rates for 148 countries
lower.tri.vector Split Matrix by Clusters and Return Lower Triangular Parts as Vector
ordered.clusters Check if unique elements of a vector appear in contiguous clusters
power.binom.test Power Calculations for Exact Test of a simple null hypothesis in a Bernoulli experiment
power.mcnemar.test Power Calculations for Exact and Asymptotic McNemar Test in a 2 by 2 table
qpcr Gene expression from real-time quantitative PCR
rainman Perception of points in a swarm
residualplot Plots a standardaized residual
rmvt.pedigree Simulate residual multivariate t-distributed data from a polygenic model
rmvtnorm.pedigree Simulate residual multivariate Gaussian data from a polygenic model
rootonorm Hanging rootogram for normal distribution
segregate.genes Segregate genes through a pedigree
soccer Danish national soccer players
superroot2 Gene expression data from two-color dye-swap experiment
wallyplot Plots a Wally plot



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> x <- 1:4
> y <- c(0, 1, 1, 5)
> auc(x, y)
[1] 4.5