githug: Interface to local and remote Git operations

> library(githug)


関数名 概略
add-and-commit Stage and commit files
as.git_repository Open a Git repository, the git2r way
as_git_repository Open a Git repository, the git2r way
gh_pat Retrieve GitHub personal access token.
gh_username Get authenticated username
git_HEAD Get HEAD for a repository
git_branch_create Create a new branch
git_branch_delete Delete a branch
git_branch_rename Rename a branch
git_commit Make a commit
git_config Get and set Git configuration variables
git_history Get the commit history
git_init Create a new Git repository
git_log Get a commit log
git_stage Stage changes for the next commit.
git_status Get status of a Git repo
git_uncommit Undo a Git commit but leave files alone
git_unstage Unstage changes for the next commit.
githug githug
githug-branch Report current or list all branches
githug-branches List, create, checkout, or delete branches
githug-switch Switch to another branch
githug_init Make a local directory into a Git repository that tracks a remote
print.githug_list Print a list JSON-style

add-and-commit / git_add/ git_commit / git_ADD / git_COMMIT




> git_init()