testthat: Unit Testing for R


> library(testthat)

バージョン: 1.0.2

関数名 概略
CheckReporter-class Check reporter: 13 line summary of problems
ListReporter-class List reporter: gather all test results along with elapsed time and file information.
MinimalReporter-class Test reporter: minimal.
MultiReporter-class Multi reporter: combine several reporters in one.
Reporter-class Stub object for managing a reporter of tests.
RstudioReporter-class Test reporter: RStudio
SilentReporter-class Test reporter: gather all errors silently.
StopReporter-class Test reporter: stop on error.
SummaryReporter-class Test reporter: summary of errors.
TapReporter-class Test reporter: TAP format.
TeamcityReporter-class Test reporter: Teamcity format.
auto_test Watches code and tests for changes, rerunning tests as appropriate.
auto_test_package Watches a package for changes, rerunning tests as appropriate.
compare Provide human-readable comparison of two objects
context Describe the context of a set of tests.
describe describe: a BDD testing language
equivalence Expectation: is the object equal to a value?
evaluate_promise Evaluate a promise, capturing all types of output.
expect-compare Expectation: is returned value less or greater than specified value?
expect_equal_to_reference Expectation: is the object equal to a reference value stored in a file?
expect_is Expectation: does the object inherit from a class?
expect_named Expectation: does object have names?
expect_null Expectation: is the object NULL?
expect_true Expectation: is the object true/false?
fail A default expectation that always fails.
make_expectation Make an equality test.
matching-expectations Expectation: does string/output/warning/error match a regular expression?
not Negate an expectation
setup_test_dir Take care or finding the test files and sourcing the helpers.
skip Skip a test.
succeed A default expectation that always succeeds.
test_dir Run all of the tests in a directory.
test_examples Test package examples
test_file Run all tests in specified file.
test_package Run all tests in an installed package
test_that Create a test.
testthat R package to make testing fun!
testthat_results Create a 'testthat_results' object from the
test results as stored in the ListReporter results field.
watch Watch a directory for changes (additions, deletions & modifications).
with_mock Mock functions in a package.



> x <- c("abc", "def", "jih")
> compare(x, x)
Error: All inputs should have class 'loo'.
> y <- paste0(x, "y")
> compare(x, y)
Error: All inputs should have class 'loo'.
> x <- y <- runif(100)
> y[sample(100, 10)] <- 5
> compare(x, y)
Error: All inputs should have class 'loo'.




  • path
  • reporter
  • env
  • start_end_reporter
> test_file(path, reporter = "summary", env = test_env(),
+   start_end_reporter = TRUE)

expect_null / except_type / expect_is / expect_s3_class / expect_s4_class

> expect_is(1, "numeric")
> # expect_is(1L, "numeric"))
> expect_is(1L, "integer")
> expect_true(TRUE)
> expect_false(FALSE)


> with_mock(
+   all.equal = function(x, y, ...) TRUE,
+   expect_equal(2 * 3, 4),
+   .env = "base"
+ )
[1] 6