tableplot: Represents tables as semi-graphic displays


> library(tableplot)
Loading required package: grid

バージョン: 0.3.5

関数名 概略
Linehan Factor patterns for two samples from Linehan et al. (2006)
NEO Factor solutions for the NEO PI-R
cellgram Draw one cell in a tableplot
compare Calculate factor comparison statistics
congruence.array Congruence coefficients for a 3-way array
congruence.coef Utility functions for tableplots
make.specs Construct cell specifications for a tableplot
make.specs0 Construct a set of cell specifications for a tableplot
tableplot Tableplot
tableplot-package Tableplot: Semi-graphic displays of tables and arrays
tableplot.colldiag Tableplot for Collinearity Diagnostics



  • values
  • ...
  • assign.sets
  • cell.spacs
  • gap
  • text.m
  • empty.text.size
  • empty.text.col
  • title
  • table.label
  • label.size
  • side.rot
> tableplot