pool: Object Pooling in R

> library(pool)

バージョン: 0.1.0

関数名 概略
DBI-connection DBIConnection methods.
DBI-connection-interpolate Safely interpolate values into an SQL string and parse them back.
DBI-connection-quote SQL quoting.
DBI-connection-sql Creating and manipulating SQL tables.
DBI-connection-transaction DBIConnection transaction methods are not supported for Pool objects.
DBI-object DBIObject methods.
DBI-object-deprecated Make R identifiers into legal SQL identifiers.
Pool Pool Class.
Pool-class S4 class for compatibility with DBI methods
dbConnect,Pool-method Fetch a connection from the pool
dbDisconnect,DBIConnection-method Release a connection back to the pool
dbPool Create a DBI Database Connection Pool.
object Pooled object methods.
poolCheckout Checks out an object from the pool.
poolReturn Returns an object back to the pool.
show,Pool-method Show method
src_pool Wrap DBI Database Connection Pool for dplyr use.