RefManageR: Straightforward BibTeX and BibLaTeX Bibliography Management

BibTeX, BibLaTeX管理ツール

> library(RefManageR)

バージョン: 0.8.63

関数名 概略
$.BibEntry Extract fields from a BibEntry object
$<-.BibEntry Replace values for a particular field in a BibEntry object
+.BibEntry Merge two BibEntry objects while discarding duplicates
BibEntry Enhanced Bibliographic Entries
BibOptions Set options/hooks for RefManageR
Cite Cite a BibEntry object in text and print all citations
GetBibEntryWithDOI Lookup a Bibtex entry using a Digital Object Identifier
GetDOIs Search CrossRef for Document Object Identifiers for Given Citations
GetPubMedByID Retrieve citation information from NCBI's Entrez for a set of PubMed IDs
GetPubMedRelated Retrieve related articles from PubMed using PubMed ID's
LookupPubMedID Retrieve PubMed ID's for a BibEntry object
ReadBib BibLaTeX/BibTeX .bib file parser
ReadCrossRef Search CrossRef for citations.
ReadGS Import book and article references from a
public Google Scholar profile by ID.
ReadPDFs Create bibliographic information from PDF Metadata.
ReadPubMed Search NCBI's Entrez for citation information
ReadZotero Get Bibliography Information From a Zotero Library.
RefManageR-package Import and Manage BibTeX and BibLaTeX references with RefManageR
RelistBibEntry Flatten and unflatten BibEntry objects
UpdateFieldName Rename a field in a BibEntry object.
WriteBib Create a BibTeX File from a BibEntry Object
[.BibEntry Search BibEntry objects by field
[<-.BibEntry Update Different Fields of Multiple Entries of a BibEntry Object
[[.BibEntry Extract entries from a BibEntry object by index
[[<-.BibEntry Assign a BibEntry entry to another BibEntry object
as.BibEntry Coerce to a BibEntry object Coerce to a Data Frame
c.BibEntry Combine BibEntry objects.
head.BibEntry Return the first or last part of a BibEntry object
levels.BibEntry Extract all fields present in a BibEntry object
names<-.BibEntry Names (keys) of a BibEntry object
open.BibEntry Open BibEntry in PDF viewer or web browser.
print.BibEntry Print BibLaTeX bibliography Entries
sort.BibEntry Sort a BibEntry Object
toBiblatex Convert BibEntry objects to BibTeX or BibLaTeX



> BibOptions() # 現在の設定を確認
[1] ""

[1] "year.only"


[1] "key"

[1] "numeric"

[1] TRUE

[1] TRUE


[1] "error"

[1] TRUE

[1] TRUE

[1] 3

[1] "authoryear"

[1] TRUE

[1] "to.doc"

[1] "text"


[1] "(" ")" "[" "]" ";" ","

> names(BibOptions()) # 設定できるオプションは以下のとおり
 [1] ""          ""           
 [3] "return.ind"            ""
 [5] ""             "first.inits"          
 [7] "dashed"                "sorting"              
 [9] "check.entries"         "use.regex"            
[11] ""           "max.names"            
[13] ""            "longnamesfirst"       
[15] "hyperlink"             "style"                
[17] "super"                 "bibpunct"             
[19] "no.print.fields"




  • doi
  • temp.file
  • delete.file
> GetBibEntryWithDOI(doi = "10.1890/ES10-00204.1")
[1] M. J. Lawes, H. Adie, J. Russell-Smith, et al. "How do small
savanna trees avoid stem mortality by fire? The roles of stem
diameter, height and bark thickness". In: _Ecosphere_ 2.4 (Apr.
2011), p. art42. DOI: 10.1890/es10-00204.1. <URL:>.