sf: Simple Features for R

> library(sf)
Linking to GEOS 3.6.1, GDAL 2.1.3, proj.4 4.9.3

バージョン: 0.4.3

関数名 概略
Ops.sfg S3 Ops Group Generic Functions (multiply and add/subtract) for affine transformation
bind Bind rows (features) of sf objects
dplyr Dplyr verb methods for sf objects
geos Geometric operations on (pairs of) simple feature geometries
plot Plot sf object
rawToHex convert raw vector(s) into hexadecimal character string(s)
sf Create sf object
sfc Create simple feature collection object of class sfc from list
st Create simple feature from a numeric vector, matrix or list
st_as_binary Convert sfc object to an WKB object
st_as_grob Convert sf* object to a grob
st_as_sf Convert foreign object to an sf object
st_as_sfc Convert foreign geometry object to an sfc object
st_as_text Return Well-known Text representation of simple feature geometry
st_bbox Return bounding of a simple feature or simple feature set
st_cast Cast geometry to another type: either simplify, or cast explicitly
st_crs Retrieve coordinate reference system from object
st_drivers Get GDAL drivers
st_drop_zm Drop Z and/or M dimensions from feature geometries
st_geometry Get, set, or replace geometry from an sf object
st_geometry_type Return geometry type of an object
st_is_longlat Assert whether simple feature coordinates are longlat degrees
st_layers List layers in a datasource
st_read Read simple features or layers from file or database
st_transform Transform or convert coordinates of simple feature
st_viewport Create viewport from sf, sfc or sfg object
st_write Write simple features object to file or database
st_write_db Write simple feature table to a spatial database
summary.sfc Summarize simple feature column
tibble Summarize simple feature type for tibble