openxlsx: Read, Write and Edit XLSX Files


> library(openxlsx)

バージョン: 3.0.0

関数名 概略
addFilter add filters to columns
addStyle Add a style to a set of cells
addWorksheet Add a worksheet to a workbook
all.equal Check equality of workbooks
conditionalFormat Add conditional formatting to cells
conditionalFormatting Add conditional formatting to cells
convertFromExcelRef Convert excel column name to integer index
convertToDate Convert from excel date number to R Date type
convertToDateTime Convert from excel time number to R POSIXct type.
createComment write a cell comment
createStyle Create a cell style
createWorkbook Create a new Workbook object
deleteData Delete cell data
freezePane Freeze a worksheet pane
getBaseFont Return the workbook defaul font
getCellRefs Return excel cell coordinates from (x,y) coordinates
getDateOrigin Return the date origin used internally by an xlsx or xlsm file
getNamedRegions Get named regions in an xlsx file.
getSheetNames Returns the worksheet names within an xlsx file
getStyles Returns a list of all styles in the workbook
insertImage Insert an image into a worksheet
insertPlot Insert the current plot into a worksheet
int2col Convert integer to Excel column
loadWorkbook Load an exisiting .xlsx file
mergeCells Merge cells within a worksheet
modifyBaseFont Modify the default font
names get or set worksheet names
openXL Open a Microsoft Excel file (xls/xlsx) or an openxlsx Workbook
openxlsx xlsx reading, writing and editing.
pageSetup Set page margins, orientation and print scaling
read.xlsx Read data from an Excel file or Workbook object into a data.frame
readWorkbook Read data from a worksheet into a data.frame
removeCellMerge Create a new Workbook object
removeColWidths Remove custom column widths from a worksheet
removeComment Remove a comment from a cell
removeFilter removes worksheet filter from addFilter and writeData
removeRowHeights Remove custom row heights from a worksheet
removeWorksheet Remove a worksheet from a workbook
renameWorksheet Rename an exisiting worksheet
replaceStyle Replace an existing cell style
saveWorkbook save Workbook to file
setColWidths Set worksheet column widths
setFooter Set footer for all worksheets
setHeader Set header for all worksheets
setHeaderFooter Set document headers and footers
setRowHeights Set worksheet row heights
sheets Returns names of worksheets.
showGridLines Set worksheet gridlines to show or hide.
worksheetOrder Order of worksheets in xlsx file
write.xlsx write directly to an xlsx file
writeComment write a cell comment
writeData Write an object to a worksheet
writeDataTable Write to a worksheet and format as a table
writeFormula Write a character vector as an Excel Formula