miniCRAN: Create a Mini Version of CRAN Containing Only Selected Packages

> library(miniCRAN)

バージョン: 0.2.5

関数名 概略
addOldPackage Add old package versions to a miniCRAN repository.
addPackage Add packages to a miniCRAN repository.
addPackageListingGithub Add DESCRIPTION information from package on github.
basePkgs Returns names of base packages.
checkVersions Check for previous versions of packages in a miniCRAN repository.
cranJuly2014 Stored version of available.packages()
getCranDescription Scrape DESCRIPTION from CRAN for each pkg.
makeDepGraph Create dependency graph from available packages.
makeLibrary Deprecated function to download packages to local folder.
makeRepo Downloads packages from CRAN to specified path and creates a local repository.
miniCRAN-package Create a Private Version of CRAN Containing Only Selected Packages
pkgAvail Reads available packages from CRAN repository.
pkgDep Retrieves package dependencies.
plot.pkgDepGraph Plots a package dependency graph.
repoBinPath Construct path to full binary location
repoPrefix Get the path to the repo directory containing the package files.
twodigitRversion Get a two-digit version of the R version
updatePackages Check for available package updates in a miniCRAN repo.