Utilities for Formulas, Expressions, Calls and Other Objects


> library(
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バージョン: 1.6.1

関数名 概略
.invert.single Invert multiple elements of a multiple element object Determine if an object is one- or two- sided.
as.character.formula Converts a formula to character Manipulate the component parts of formulas, expressions, calls, name/symbols and list and vectors of such objects.
get.vars Get variable (names) from various R objects
invert invert Work with variables as categorical or continuous
op.type Get the operator type used in an call, formula, expression, etc. terms



> as.character( y ~ mx +  b )
[1] "y ~ mx + b"



> get.vars( Species ~ ., iris )
[1] "Species"      "Sepal.Length" "Sepal.Width"  "Petal.Length"
[5] "Petal.Width"