gitlabr: Access to the Gitlab API

GitLab API操作

> library(gitlabr)

Attaching package: 'gitlabr'
The following object is masked from 'package:git2r':


バージョン: 0.6.4

関数名 概略
archive Get zip archive of a specific repository
create_merge_request Create a merge request
file_exists For 'file_exists' dots are passed on to 'list_files' and gitlab API call
get_comments Get the comments of a commit or issue
get_commits Get commits and diff from a project repository
get_issues Get issues of a project or user
get_project_id Get a project id by name
gitlab Request Gitlab API
gitlab_connection Connect to a specific gitlab instance API
gitlabr Interface to gitlab API on high and low levels
iff Apply a function if and only if test is TRUE
list_branches List, create and delete branches
list_projects List projects in Gitlab
new_issue Post a new issue or edit one
pipe_into Pipe into specific formal argument
prefix Prefix a string of text
proj_req Create a project specific request
push_file Upload a file to a gitlab repository
repository Access to repository functions in Gitlab API
set_gitlab_connection Get/set a gitlab connection for all calls
to_issue_id Translate projectwide issue id to global gitlab API issue id




  • project
  • file_path
  • content
  • cimmit_message
  • branch_name
  • overwrite
  • ...
> push_file(project, file_path, content, commit_message, branch_name = "master",
+   overwrite = TRUE, ...)