rgeos: Interface to Geometry Engine - Open Source (GEOS)


> library(rgeos)

バージョン: 0.3.21

関数名 概略
Ring-class Class "Ring"
SpatialCollections create SpatialCollections
SpatialCollections-class Class "SpatialCollections"
SpatialRings create SpatialRings or SpatialRingsDataFrame
SpatialRings-class Class "SpatialRings"
SpatialRingsDataFrame-class Class "SpatialRingsDataFrame"
createSPComment RGEOS Polygon Hole Comment Functions
gArea Area of Geometry
gBoundary Boundary of Geometry
gBuffer Buffer Geometry
gCentroid Centroid of Geometry
gContains Geometry Relationships - Contains and Within
gConvexHull Convex Hull of Geometry
gCrosses Geometry Relationships - Crosses and Overlaps
gDelaunayTriangulation Compute Delaunay triangulation between points
gDifference Geometry Difference
gDistance Distance between geometries
gEnvelope Envelope of Geometry
gEquals Geometry Relationships - Equality
gIntersection Geometry Intersections
gIntersects Geometry Relationships - Intersects and Disjoint
gIsEmpty Is Geometry Empty?
gIsRing Is Geometry a Ring?
gIsSimple Is Geometry Simple?
gIsValid Is Geometry Valid?
gLength Length of Geometry
gNode Linestring Noder
gPointOnSurface Point on Surface of Geometry
gPolygonize Linestring Polygonizer
gRelate Geometry Relationships - Intersection Matrix Pattern (DE-9IM)
gSimplify Simplify Geometry
gSymdifference Geometry Symmetric Difference
gTouches Geometry Relationships - Touches
gUnion Geometry Union
getScale RGEOS Utility Functions
gpc.poly-class Class "gpc.poly"
gpc.poly.nohole-class Class "gpc.poly.nohole"
new-generics Generics/Methods for polygon objects
poly_findInBoxGEOS Experimental Functions
polyfile Read/Write polygon data
polygonsLabel Compute optimal label positions for polygons
readWKT RGEOS WKT Functions




  • spgeom
  • byid
  • id
> gCentroid(spgeom, byid = FALSE, id = NULL)