ggthemes: Extra Themes, Scales and Geoms for ggplot2


> library(ggthemes)

バージョン: 2.2.1

> library(help = "ggthemes")$info[[2]] %>% data.frame() %>% kable()

|.                                                                       |
|bank_slopes             Bank Slopes to 45 degrees                       |
|calc_pal                Calc color palette (discrete)                   |
|calc_shape_pal          Calc shape palette (discrete)                   |
|circlefill_shape_pal    Filled Circle Shape palette (discrete)          |
|cleveland_shape_pal     Shape palette from Cleveland "Elements of       |
|Graphing Data" (discrete).                                              |
|colorblind_pal          Colorblind Color Palette (Discrete) and Scales  |
|economist_pal           Economist color palette (discrete)              |
|excel_pal               Excel color palette (discrete)                  |
|extended_range_breaks   Pretty axis breaks inclusive of extreme values  |
|few_pal                 Color Palletes from Few's "Practical Rules for  |
|Using Color in Charts"                                                  |
|fivethirtyeight_pal color palette               |
|gdocs_pal               Google Docs color palette (discrete)            |
|geom_rangeframe         Range Frames                                    |
|geom_tufteboxplot       Tufte's Box Blot                                |
|ggthemes                ggthemes                                        |
|ggthemes_data           Palette data for ggthemes package               |
|hc_pal                  Highcharts JS color palette (discrete)          |
|palette_pander          Color palette from the pander package           |
|scale_color_pander      Color scale from the pander package             |
|scale_colour_economist                                                  |
|Economist color scales                                                  |
|scale_colour_few        Color scales from Few's "Practical Rules for    |
|Using Color in Charts"                                                  |
|scale_colour_fivethirtyeight                                            |
| color scales                                        |
|scale_colour_gradient2_tableau                                          |
|Tableau diverging colour scales (continuous)                            |
|scale_colour_gradient_tableau                                           |
|Tableau sequential colour scale (continuous)                            |
|scale_colour_hc         Highcharts color and fill scales                |
|scale_colour_stata      Stata color scales                              |
|scale_colour_tableau    Tableau color scales.                           |
|scale_colour_wsj        Wall Street Journal color and fill scales       |
|scale_fill_calc         LibreOffice Calc color scales                   |
|scale_fill_excel        Excel color scales                              |
|scale_fill_gdocs        Google Docs color scales                        |
|scale_fill_solarized    Solarized color scales                          |
|scale_linetype_stata    Stata linetype palette (discrete)               |
|scale_shape_calc        Calc shape scale                                |
|scale_shape_circlefill                                                  |
|Filled Circle Shape palette (discrete)                                  |
|scale_shape_cleveland   Shape scales from Cleveland "Elements of        |
|Graphing Data"                                                          |
|scale_shape_stata       Stata shape scale                               |
|scale_shape_tableau     Tableau shape scales                            |
|scale_shape_tremmel     Shape scales from Tremmel (1995)                |
|scale_x_tufte           Axis breaks inclusive of extreme values         |
|show_linetypes          Show linetypes                                  |
|show_shapes             Show shapes                                     |
|smart_digits            Format numbers with automatic number of digits  |
|solarized_pal           Solarized color palette (discrete)              |
|stat_fivenumber         Calculate components of a five-number summary   |
|stata_linetype_pal      Stata linetype palette (discrete)               |
|stata_pal               Stata color palettes (discrete)                 |
|stata_shape_pal         Stata shape palette (discrete)                  |
|tableau_color_pal       Color Palettes based on Tableau (discrete)      |
|tableau_div_gradient_pal                                                |
|Tableau diverging colour gradient palettes                              |
|(continuous)                                                            |
|tableau_seq_gradient_pal                                                |
|Tableau sequential colour gradient palettes                             |
|(continuous)                                                            |
|tableau_shape_pal       Tableau Shape Palettes (discrete)               |
|theme_calc              Theme Calc                                      |
|theme_economist         ggplot color theme based on the Economist       |
|theme_excel             ggplot color theme based on old Excel plots     |
|theme_few               Theme based on Few's "Practical Rules for Using |
|Color in Charts"                                                        |
|theme_fivethirtyeight   Theme inspired by plots     |
|theme_foundation        Foundation Theme                                |
|theme_gdocs             Theme with Google Docs Chart defaults           |
|theme_hc                Highcharts JS theme                             |
|theme_igray             Inverse gray theme                              |
|theme_map               Clean theme for maps                            |
|theme_pander            A ggplot theme originated from the pander       |
|package                                                                 |
|theme_solarized         ggplot color themes based on the Solarized      |
|palette                                                                 |
|theme_solid             Theme with nothing other than a background      |
|color                                                                   |
|theme_stata             Themes based on Stata graph schemes             |
|theme_tufte             Tufte Maximal Data, Minimal Ink Theme           |
|theme_wsj               Wall Street Journal theme                       |
|tremmel_shape_pal       Shape palette from Tremmel (1995) (discrete)    |
|wsj_pal                 Wall Street Journal color palette (discrete)    |