htmlwidgets: HTML Widgets for R

> library(htmlwidgets)

バージョン: 0.5.2

関数名 概略
JS Mark character strings as literal JavaScript code
createWidget Create an HTML Widget
htmlwidgets-package HTML Widgets for R
htmlwidgets-shiny Shiny bindings for HTML widgets
onRender Execute custom JavaScript code after rendering
onStaticRenderComplete Execute JavaScript code after static render
prependContent Prepend/append extra HTML content to a widget
saveWidget Save a widget to an HTML file
scaffoldWidget Create implementation scaffolding for an HTML widget
sizingPolicy Create a widget sizing policy


HTML Wisgetの作成

> createWidget(name, x, width = NULL, height = NULL,
+   sizingPolicy = htmlwidgets::sizingPolicy(), package = name,
+   dependencies = NULL, elementId = NULL, preRenderHook = NULL)



> saveWidget(widget, file, selfcontained = TRUE, libdir = NULL,
+   background = "white")