bigrquery: An Interface to Google's BigQuery API


> library(bigrquery)


関数名 概略
DBI DBI methods
bigrquery An R interface to google's bigquery.
copy_table Copy one or more source tables to a destination table.
dbi_driver BigQuery DBI driver
delete_dataset Deletes an existing dataset in a project
delete_table Delete a table.
format_dataset Format dataset and project ID as a BQ-style identifier
format_table Format dataset, project and table ID as a BQ-style identifier
get_dataset Gets an existing dataset in a project
get_job Check status of a job.
get_table Retrieve table metadata
insert_dataset Creates a new dataset in a project
insert_query_job Create a new query job.
insert_upload_job Upload data.
list_datasets List the datasets in a project
list_projects List projects that you have access to
list_tabledata Retrieve data from a table.
list_tables List available tables in dataset.
parse_dataset Parse a BQ-style identifier into project/dataset IDs
parse_table Parse a BQ-style identifier into project/dataset/table IDs
query_exec Run a asynchronous query and retrieve results.
src_bigquery A bigquery data source.
update_dataset Updates an existing dataset in a project
wait_for Wait for a job to complete, optionally printing updates


> get_table("publicdata", "samples", "github_timeline")



> query_exec(query, 
+            project, 
+            destination_table = NULL, 
+            default_dataset = NULL,
+            page_size = 10000, 
+            max_pages = 10, 
+            warn = TRUE)