gam: Generalized Additive Models


> library(gam)
Loading required package: splines
Error: package or namespace load failed for 'gam'

バージョン: 1.12

関数名 概略
gam Fit a generalized additive model
lo local regression wrapper to be used in a gam formula
s smoothing spline wrapper to be used in a gam formula
plot.gam an interactive plotting function for gams
predict.gam make predictions from a gam object
step.gam stepwise model search with gam
anova.gam compare the fits of a number of gam models
summary.gam summary method for gam
preplot.gam extracts the components from a gam in a plot-ready form
gam.lo local regression smoother for gam, used by all.wam
gam.s smoothing spline smoother for gam,used by all.wam
na.gam.replace a missing value method that is helpful with gams
gam.exact a wrapper for semiparametric gams producing exact standard errors
gam.control control parameters for fitting gam models