ggfortify: Define Fortify and Autoplot to Allow 'ggplot2' to Draw some Popular Packages


> library(ggfortify)

バージョン: 0.2.0

関数名 概略
+,ggmultiplot,ANY-method Generic add operator for 'ggmultiplot'
autoplot.MSM.lm Autoplot 'MSwM::MSM.lm'
autoplot.acf Autoplot 'stats::acf'. Note to pass 'plot = FALSE' to original function to suppress standard plot output
autoplot.breakpoints Autoplot 'strucchange::breakpoints'
autoplot.cpt Autoplot 'changepoint::cpt'
autoplot.density Autoplot 'stats::density'
autoplot.forecast Autoplot 'forecast::forecast'
autoplot.kmeans Autoplot cluster instances
autoplot.list Autoplot list
autoplot.lm Autoplot 'stats::lm' and 'stats::glm'
autoplot.matrix Plot 'base::matrix'
autoplot.pca_common Autoplot PCA-likes
autoplot.spec Autoplot 'stats::spec'
autoplot.stepfun Plot 'stats::stepfun'
autoplot.survfit Autoplot 'survival::survfit'
autoplot.ts Autoplot time-series-like
autoplot.tsmodel Autoplot time series models (like AR, ARIMA)
autoplot.varprd Autoplot 'vars::varprd'
cbind_wraps Wrapper for cbind
check_names Check data names are equal with expected
confint.acf Calcurate confidence interval for 'stats::acf'
deprecate.warning Show deprecate warning Calcurate fitted values for 'stats::ar'
fortify.MSM.lm Convert 'MSwM::MSM.lm' to 'data.frame'
fortify.acf Convert 'stats::acf' to 'data.frame'
fortify.cpt Convert 'changepoint::cpt' and 'strucchange::breakpoints' to 'data.frame'
fortify.density Convert 'stats::density' to 'data.frame'
fortify.dist Convert 'stats::dist' to 'data.frame'
fortify.ets Convert 'forecast::bats' and 'forecast::ets' to 'data.frame'
fortify.factanal Convert 'stats::factanal' to 'data.frame'
fortify.forecast Convert 'forecast::forecast' to 'data.frame'
fortify.kmeans Convert cluster instances to 'data.frame'
fortify.list Convert list to data.frame
fortify.matrix Convert 'base::matrix' to 'data.frame'
fortify.prcomp Convert 'stats::prcomp', 'stats::princomp' to 'data.frame'
fortify.spec Convert 'stats::spec' to 'data.frame'
fortify.stepfun Convert 'stats::stepfun' to 'data.frame'
fortify.survfit Convert 'survival::survfit' to 'data.frame'
fortify.table Convert 'base::table' to 'data.frame'
fortify.ts Convert time-series-like to data.frame
fortify.tsmodel Convert time series models (like AR, ARIMA) to 'data.frame'
fortify.varprd Convert 'vars::varprd' to 'data.frame'
fortify_base Convert 'base::table' to 'data.frame'
geom_confint Connect observations by stairs.
geom_factory Factory function to control 'ggplot2::geom_xxx' functions
get.dtindex Convert 'ts' index to 'Date' 'vector'
get.dtindex.continuous Get 'Date' 'vector' continue to 'ts' index
get.layout Calcurate layout matrix for 'ggmultiplot'
get_geom_function Factory function to control 'ggplot2::geom_xxx' functions
ggcpgram Plots a cumulative periodogram
ggdistribution Plot distribution
ggfortify ggfortify
ggfreqplot Plot seasonal subseries of time series, generalization of 'stats::monthplot'
gglagplot Plot time series against lagged versions of themselves
`ggmultiplot-class An S4 class to hold multiple 'ggplot2::ggplot' instances
ggtsdiag Plots time-series diagnostics
infer Infer class name
is.univariate Check if Validates number of 'ts' variates
plot_confint Attach confidence interval to 'ggplot2::ggplot'
plot_label Attach label to 'ggplot2::ggplot'
post_autoplot Post process for fortify. Based on 'ggplot2::qplot'
post_fortify Post process for fortify.
print,ggmultiplot-method Generic print function for 'ggmultiplot'
rbind_ts Rbind original and predicted time-series-like instances as fortified 'data.frame' Calcurate residuals for 'stats::ar'
show,ggmultiplot-method Generic show function for 'ggmultiplot'
stop.unsupported.type Raise error for unsupported type
unscale Backtransform 'scale'-ed object


> autoplot(AirPassengers)
> autoplot(AirPassengers, ts.colour = 'red', ts.linetype = 'dashed')