jug: Create a Simple Web API for your R Functions


> library(jug)
Loading required package: R6

Attaching package: 'jug'
The following object is masked from 'package:ff':

The following object is masked from 'package:base':


バージョン: 0.1.2

関数名 概略
Error Response class
Middleware Middleware class
MiddlewareHandler MiddlewareHandler R6 class definition
RawTestRequest Generate request for testing purposes
Request Request class
Response Response class
add_middleware Internal function to add middleware
collector Collector function for middlewares
decorate Convenience function to decorate existing functions
delete Function to add DELETE-binding middleware
get Function to add GET-binding middleware
include Include elsewhere constructed middleware with
primary jug instance
jug New jug instance
match_path Helper function to extract regex named capture groups from string
new_error Create response instance
parse_post_data Parse the post data
parse_query Helper function to deparse query params
post Function to add POST-binding middleware
process_test_request Initialize process of test request
put Function to add PUT-binding middleware
serve_it Start serving the jug instance
serve_static_files Middleware to serve static files
simple_error_handler An error handler middleware
stop_daemon Stop daemonized server
use Function to add request method insensitive middleware
ws Function to add websocket handling middleware