lintr: Static R Code Analysis

> library(lintr)

バージョン: 1.0.0

関数名 概略
Lint Create a 'Lint' object
absolute_paths_linter linters
clear_cache Clear the lintr cache
default_linters Default linters to use
default_settings Default lintr settings
exclude Exclude lines or files from linting
expect_lint Lint expectation
expect_lint_free Test that the package is lint free
get_source_expressions Parsed sourced file from a filename
lint_file Lint a given file
lint_package Lint a package
lintr Lintr
parse_exclusions read a source file and parse all the excluded lines from it
read_settings Read lintr settings
with_defaults Modify the list of default linters


> Lint("~/nightley/n_general/160621_place_store_market.R")
~/nightley/n_general/160621_place_store_market.R:1:1: style: