osmar: OpenStreetMap and R

> library(osmar)

バージョン: 1.1.7

関数名 概略
%grep% Binary operators for grep-like functions
as_igraph Convert osmar object to igraph
as_osm Convert osmar object to OSM-XML
as_osmar Convert OSM-XML to an osmar object
as_osmar_bbox Bounding box converter generic
as_osmar_bbox.Spatial Convert sp object to an osmar object
as_sp Convert osmar object to sp object
c.osmar Combine osmar objects
corner_bbox Get OSM elements
dim.osmar Dimension of osmar objects
find Find element for a given condition
find_down Find all elements related to an ID
find_nearest_node Find nearest node with given conditions
get_osm Get OSM data
muc Object of class osmar from central Munich
node Element descriptors
osm_crs CRS for OpenStreetMap
osmsource_api API OSM data source
osmsource_file OSM file data source
osmsource_osmosis Osmosis OSM data source
plot.osmar Plot osmar object
subset.osmar Subset an osmar object
summary.osmar Summarize osmar objects