RSQLite: SQLite Interface for R


> library(RSQLite)
Error: package or namespace load failed for 'RSQLite'

バージョン: 1.0.0

関数名 概略
SQLiteConnection-class Class SQLiteConnection.
SQLiteDriver-class Class SQLiteDriver with constructor SQLite.
SQLiteResult-class Class SQLiteResult
datasetsDb A sample sqlite database.
dbConnect,SQLiteDriver-method Connect to/disconnect from a SQLite database.
dbDataType,SQLiteConnection-method Determine the SQL Data Type of an R object.
dbExistsTable,SQLiteConnection,character-method Does the table exist?
dbGetInfo Get metadata about a database object.
dbIsValid Check whether an SQLite object is valid or not.
dbListFields,SQLiteConnection,character-method List fields in specified table.
dbListTables,SQLiteConnection-method List available SQLite tables.
dbReadTable,SQLiteConnection,character-method Convenience functions for importing/exporting DBMS tables
dbRemoveTable,SQLiteConnection,character-method Remove a table from the database.
dbSendPreparedQuery Generics for getting and sending prepared queries.
dbUnloadDriver,SQLiteDriver-method Unload SQLite driver.
dbWriteTable,SQLiteConnection,character,data.frame-method Write a local data frame or file to the database.
initExtension Add useful extension functions.
query Execute a SQL statement on a database connection
sqlite-meta Database interface meta-data.
sqliteCopyDatabase Copy a SQLite database
sqliteQuickColumn Return an entire column from a SQLite database
transactions SQLite transaction management.