sparklyr: R Interface to Apache Spark

> library(sparklyr)

バージョン: 0.2.28

関数名 概略
collect Collect results of dplyr expression
copy_to Copy a local R data frame to Spark
ft_binarizer Feature Transformation - Binarizer
ft_bucketizer Feature Transformation - Bucketizer
ft_discrete_cosine_transform Feature Transformation - Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT)
ft_elementwise_product Feature Transformation - ElementwiseProduct
ft_index_to_string Feature Transformation - IndexToString
ft_quantile_discretizer Feature Transformation - QuantileDiscretizer
ft_sql_transformer Feature Transformation - SQLTransformer
ft_string_indexer Feature Transformation - StringIndexer
ft_vector_assembler Feature Transformation - VectorAssembler
ml_decision_tree Spark ML - Decision Trees
ml_gradient_boosted_trees Spark ML - Gradient-Boosted Tree
ml_kmeans Spark ML - K-Means Clustering
ml_lda Spark ML - Latent Dirichlet Allocation
ml_linear_regression Spark ML - Linear Regression
ml_logistic_regression Spark ML - Logistic Regression
ml_multilayer_perceptron Spark ML - Multilayer Perceptron
ml_naive_bayes Spark ML - Naive-Bayes
ml_one_vs_rest Spark ML - One vs Rest
ml_pca Spark ML - Principal Components Analysis
ml_random_forest Spark ML - Random Forests
ml_survival_regression Spark ML - Survival Regression
sdf_copy_to Copy an Object into Spark
sdf_mutate Mutate a Spark DataFrame
sdf_partition Partition a Spark Dataframe
sdf_predict Model Predictions with Spark DataFrames
sdf_register Register a Spark DataFrame
sdf_sample Randomly Sample Rows from a Spark DataFrame
sdf_sort Sort a Spark DataFrame
spark_config Read Spark Configuration
spark_connect Connect to Spark
spark_disconnect Disconnect from Spark
spark_install Download and install various versions of Spark
spark_log Retrieves entries from the Spark log
spark_read_csv Read a CSV file into a Spark DataFrame
spark_read_json Read a JSON file into a Spark DataFrame
spark_read_parquet Read a Parquet file into a Spark DataFrame
spark_web Open the Spark web interface
spark_write_csv Write a Spark DataFrame to a CSV
spark_write_json Write a Spark DataFrame to a JSON file
spark_write_parquet Write a Spark DataFrame to a Parquet file
tbl_cache Load a table into memory
tbl_uncache Unload table from memory