jiebaR: Chinese Text Segmentation

> library(jiebaR)
Loading required package: jiebaRD

バージョン: 0.8

関数名 概略
<=.keywords Keywords symbol
<=.qseg Quick mode symbol
<=.segment Text segmentation symbol
<=.simhash Simhash symbol
<=.tagger Tagger symbol
DICTPATH The path of dictionary
distance Hamming distance of words
edit_dict Edit default user dictionary
filecoding Files encoding detection
filter_segment Filter segmentation result This function helps remove some words in the segmentation result.
freq The frequency of words
get_idf generate IDF dict
get_qsegmodel Set quick mode model
get_tuple get tuple from the segmentation result
jiebaR A package for Chinese text segmentation
keywords Keyword extraction
new_user_word Add user word
print.inv Print worker settings
query_threshold Set query threshold
segment Chinese text segmentation function
show_dictpath Show default path of dictionaries
simhash Simhash computation
tagging Speech Tagging
tobin simhash value to binary
words_locate Get text location
worker Initialize jiebaR worker