highcharter: A Wrapper for the 'Highcharts' Library

> library(highcharter)
> data("citytemp")
> data(economics, package = "ggplot2")


関数名 概略
citytemp City temperatures from a year
datetime_to_timestamp Date to Timesstamps
fa_icon Helpers functions to get FontAwesome icons code
favorite_bars Marshall's Favorite Bars
favorite_pies Marshall's Favorite Pies
hc_add_series Adding and removing series from highchart objects
hc_add_series_flags Shorcut for add flags to highstock chart
hc_add_series_labels_values Shorcut for add series for pie, bar and column charts
hc_add_series_map Shorcut for create map
hc_add_series_ohlc Shorcut for create candlestick charts
hc_add_series_scatter Shorcut for create scatter plots
hc_add_series_times_values Shorcut for create/add time series from times and values
hc_add_series_treemap Shorcut for create treemaps
hc_add_series_ts Shorcut for create/add time series charts from a ts object
hc_add_series_xts Shorcut for create highstock chart from 'xts' object
hc_add_theme Add themes to a highchart object
hc_annotations Adding annotations to highcharts objects
hc_chart Adding chart options to highchart objects
hc_colorAxis Adding Color Axis options to highchart objects
hc_credits Adding credits options to highchart objects
hc_defs Adding patterns to be used in highcharts series
hc_demo Chart a demo for testing themes
hc_drilldown Drilldown options for higcharts objects
hc_exporting Exporting options for higcharts objects
hc_get_colors Get default colors for Highcharts theme
hc_get_dash_styles Get dash styles
hc_legend Adding legend options to highchart objects
hc_mapNavigation Adding mapNavigation options to highmaps charts
hc_navigator Adding navigator options to highstock charts
hc_plotOptions Adding plot options to highchart objects
hc_rangeSelector Adding scrollbar options to highstock charts
hc_rm_series Removing series to highchart objects
hc_scrollbar Adding scrollbar options to highstock objects
hc_series Series options from highchart objects
hc_theme Highchart theme constructor
hc_theme_538 Fivethirtyeight theme for highcharts
hc_theme_chalk Chalk theme for highcharts
hc_theme_darkunica Dark Unica theme for highcharts
hc_theme_db Dotabuff theme for highcharts
hc_theme_economist Fivethirtyeight theme for highcharts
hc_theme_google Google theme for highcharts
hc_theme_gridlight Grid Light theme for highchart
hc_theme_handdrawn Hand Drawn theme for highcharts
hc_theme_merge Merge themes
hc_theme_null Null theme for highcharts
hc_theme_sandsignika Sand Signika theme for highcharts
hc_title Adding title and subtitle options to highchart objects
hc_tooltip Adding tooltip options to highchart objects
hc_xAxis Adding axis options to highchart objects
hchart Create a highchart object from a particular data type
higcharter An 'htmlwidget' interface to the Highcharts javascript chart library
highcarter-exports highcharter exported operators and S3 methods
highchart Create a Highcharts chart widget
highchart2 Create a Highcharts chart widget
highchartOutput Widget output function for use in Shiny
list.parse2 Convert an object to list with identical structure
renderHighchart Widget render function for use in Shiny
str_to_id String to 'id' format
unemployment US Counties unemployment rate
uscountygeojson US Counties map in Geojson format (list)
usgeojson US States map in Geojson format (list)
worldgeojson World map in Geojson format (list)




  • iconname
> fa_icon("car")
[1] "<i class=\"fa fa-car\"></i>"


> highchart() %>% 
+   hc_xAxis(categories = citytemp$month) %>% 
+   hc_add_series(name = "Tokyo", data = citytemp$tokyo) %>% 
+   hc_add_series(name = "New York", data = citytemp$new_york)

plot of chunk usage_hc_add_series


> hc_add_series_times_values(hc = highchart(),
+                            dates = economics$date,
+                            values = economics$psavert, 
+                            name = "Personal Savings Rate")

plot of chunk usage_hc_add_series_times_values


> data("usgeojson")
> usgeojson %>% class()
[1] "list"


> data("worldgeojson")
> worldgeojson %>% class()
[1] "list"