googleVis: R Interface to Google Charts

> library(googleVis)

Welcome to googleVis version 0.5.10

Please read the Google API Terms of Use
before you start using the package:

Note, the plot method of googleVis will by default use
the standard browser to display its output.

See the googleVis package vignettes for more details,
or visit

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バージョン: 0.5.10

関数名 概略
Andrew Hurricane Andrew: googleVis example data set
Cairo Daily temperature data for Cairo
CityPopularity CityPopularity: googleVis example data set
Exports Exports: googleVis example data set
Fruits Fruits: googleVis example data set
OpenClose OpenClose: googleVis example data set
Population Population: googleVis example data set
Regions Regions: googleVis example data set
Stock Stock: googleVis example data set
createGoogleGadget Create a Google Gadget
dino Dinosaur data
googleVis-package R Interface to Google Charts
gvisAnnotatedTimeLine Google Annotated Time Line with R
gvisAnnotationChart Google Annotation Chart with R
gvisAreaChart Google Area Chart with R
gvisBarChart Google Bar Chart with R
gvisBubbleChart Google Bubble Chart with R
gvisCalendar Google Calendar Chart with R
gvisCandlestickChart Google Candlestick chart with R
gvisColumnChart Google Column Chart with R
gvisComboChart Google Combo Chart with R
gvisGauge Google Gauge with R
gvisGeoChart Google Geo Chart with R
gvisGeoMap Google Geo Map with R
gvisHistogram Google Histogram Chart with R
gvisIntensityMap Google Intensity Map with R
gvisLineChart Google Line Chart with R
gvisMap Google Maps with R
gvisMerge Merge two googleVis charts into one gvis-object
gvisMotionChart Google Motion Chart with R
gvisOrgChart Google Org Chart with R
gvisPieChart Google Pie Chart with R
gvisSankey Google Sankey Chart with R
gvisScatterChart Google Scatter Chart with R
gvisSteppedAreaChart Google Stepped Area Chart with R
gvisTable Google Table Chart with R
gvisTimeline Google Timeline Chart with R
gvisTreeMap Google Tree Map with R
print.gvis Print and plot gvis objects
renderGvis renderGvis