GEOmap: Topographic and Geologic Mapping


> library(GEOmap)

バージョン: 2.3.5

関数名 概略
BASICTOPOMAP Basic Topogrpahy Map
CCcheck Counter Clockwise check
ColorScale Color Scale
DATUMinfo Datum information.
DUMPLOC DUMP vectors to screen in list format
EHB.LLZ Earthquake Location Data
Ellipsoidal.Distance Ellipsoidal Distance
ExcludeGEOmap Exclude GEOmap Strokes
ExplodeSymbols Explode symbols that overlap
GEOTOPO Topographic Plot of geographic region
GEOmap-package GEOmap
GEOmap.CombineStrokes Combine strokes in a GEOmap list
GEOmap.Extract Extract from GEOmap
GEOmap.breakline Break a line at specified indeces into a list
GEOmap.breakpoly Break up a polygon Concatenate Two GEOmaps
GEOmap.list GEOmap to list
GEOsymbols GEOsymbols
GETXprofile Cross sectional profile through a digital elevation map
GLOB.XY Convert from GLOBAL LAT-LON to X-Y
GLOBE.ORTH Plot globe with orthogonal
GlobeView Global Plot
KINOUT Map inside-outside
LLlabel Nice Lat-Lon Label
LandSeaCol Land and Sea Colors
Lintersect Finder intersection of lines
Lll2xyz List Lat-Lon to cartesian XYZ
Lxyz2ll Cartesian to Lat-Lon
MAPconstants Set Various Map Constants
Markup Add markup information to an existing plot
NSWath Cross sectional Swaths of Earthquakes over Japan
NSarrow North-South Weather Vane Arrow
NoOverlap Shift Symbols
OverTurned Plot Overturned fault
PointsAlong Find spaced Points along a line
SELGEOmap Select parts of a GEOmap
SETPOLIMAP Set up polygons for World map Database
SSfault Strike Slip Fault
STROKEinfo Stroke Information
SynAnticline Syncline and Anticline traces
TOPOCOL Create Topography ColorMAP
UTM.ll Map projection
UTM.xy Map projection
UTMzone UTM zone information Cross Product
XSECDEMg Cross Sections Using RPMG
XSECEQ Iinteractive earthquake cross section
XSECwin Cross sectional plot with earthquakes projected
addLLXY Add Lat-Lon points using projection
addTIX Add Tic marks to map
along.great Along A great Arc
antipolygon Fill the complement of a polygon
bcars Plot Box Cars
boundGEOmap Set Bounds for GEOmap
ccw Counter Clockwise Whorl
coastmap Global Coast Map
darc Circular Arc
demcmap Color Map from DEM
difflon Difference between Longitudes
distaz Distance and Azimuth from two points
dms Convert decimal degrees to degree, minutes, seconds
eqswath Extract a set of eathquakes in swath along a
cross sectional line
expandbound Expand Bounds
explode Explode Points
faultdip Show Fault dip
faultperp Fault Perpendiculars
fixCoastwrap Correct the Wrapping problem
gclc Global to local coordinates
geoLEGEND Geological legend from GEOmap Structure
geoarea Area of Map objects
getGEOmap Get Geomap
getGEOperim Get Lat-Lon Perimeter
getgreatarc Great Circle Arc
getmagsize Earthquake Magnitude based on exponentional
getnicetix Nice Looking Lat-Lon pairs for plotting
getspline Get a spline curve along a set of points
getsplineG Get a spline curve along a set of points
gmat Globe Rotation Matrix
goodticdivs Nice tic division
horseshoe Horseshoe Symbol
inpoly Test set of points for inside/outside polygon
insertNA Insert NA in a vector
insertvec Insert a set of values in a vector
inside Determine if point is inside polygon
insideGEOmapXY Get LAT-LON points that fall inside a map
lamaz.eqarea Lambert-Azimuthal Equal Area
lcgc local coordinates to Global
linesGEOmapXY Add lines, points or text to GEOmap projected plot
list.GEOmap List stroke points in a GEOmap
ll2xyz LAT-LON to xyz
locworld Locate points in worlmap
mapTeleSeis World Map with Teleseismic Ray-paths
maplim Map Limits
maps2GEOmap Convert maps data to GEOmap format
merid Orthogonal Projection of Meridian or Parallel
niceLLtix Nice DMS coordinates
normalfault Normal Fault trace
ortho.proj Orthogonal Map Projection
perpen perpendicular marks along line
pgon Plot regular polygon: pentagon, hexagon, octagon
pline Point to line distance
plotGEOmap Plot a GEO map
plotGEOmapXY Plot a projected GEO map
plotUTM Plot UTM
plothypos Plot Edicenters
plotnicetix Plot Lat-Lon tick marks
plotusa Map of USA
plotworldmap Plot World Map with UTM sections
polyintern Internal point of polygon
printGEOinfo printGEOinfo
printGEOmap printGEOmap
projtype List of Projection types
rectPERIM Extract a rectangular perimeter
rekt2line Rectangle Line Overlap
rose Rose Diagram
rotateGEOmap Rotate a GEOmap
rotdelta4 rotation about Z-axis
rotmat2D set a rotation matrix
rotx4 x-axis rotation matrix
roty4 y-axis rotation matrix
setMarkup Set up mark up for maps
setPROJ Set Projection
setplotmat set up matrices for selecting from eTOPO5
settopocol Topographic Color Map
sizelegend Magnitude size legend
sqrTICXY Tick marks for Square plot
subsetTOPO Subset a Topo map
targetLL Target Lat-Lon
teeth Add Teeth to line
thrust Thrust Fault
trans4 Translation matrix
utm.sphr.ll Map projection
utm.sphr.xy Map projection
utmbox Get UTM Box info
xyz2ll Cartesian to Lat-Lon
zebra Horizontal Zebra Scale



> projtype()
[1] Projection Types
[1] 0 = None
[1] 1 = merc.sphr
[1] 2 = utm.sphr
[1] 3 =
[1] 4 = stereo.sphr
[1] 5 = utm.elps
[1] 6 = equid.cyl
[1] 99 = old crosson projection

readOGR, ogrListLayers

> file.path <- "/Users/uri/Dropbox/maps/shapefile/mesh/mesh03-jgd-33-shp/mesh03_jgd_33_shp"
> ogrListLayers(dsn = file.path)
Error in eval(expr, envir, enclos): could not find function "ogrListLayers"
> readOGR(dsn = file.path, 
+         layer = ogrListLayers(dsn = file.path)[1]) %>% class()
Error in eval(expr, envir, enclos): could not find function "readOGR"



  • type
  • LAT0
  • LON0
  • LAT1
  • LAT2
  • LATS
  • LONS
  • DLAT
  • DLON
  • FE
  • FN
> projtype()
[1] Projection Types
[1] 0 = None
[1] 1 = merc.sphr
[1] 2 = utm.sphr
[1] 3 =
[1] 4 = stereo.sphr
[1] 5 = utm.elps
[1] 6 = equid.cyl
[1] 99 = old crosson projection
> setPROJ(type = 1, LAT0 = 23, LON0 = 35)
[1] 1

[1] 23

[1] 35

[1] 0

[1] 0

[1] 22

[1] 24

[1] 34

[1] 36

[1] 1

[1] 1

[1] 0

[1] 0

[1] "merc.sphr"

[1] NA

[1] NA

[1] NA

[1] NA

[1] NA