ggsubplot: Explore complex data by embedding subplots within plots


> library(ggsubplot)

バージョン: 0.3.2

関数名 概略
casualties casualty data from the Afghan War Diary, lightly cleaned
environment-class environment S4 class
geom_coxcomb Coxcomb glyphs
geom_freqstar Frequency Star glyphs
geom_star Star glyphs
geom_subplot Create a layer of embedded subplots
geom_subplot2d Bin data and visualize with a grid of subplots.
gg-class gg S4 class
ggplot-class ggplot S4 class
ggsubplot Create a ggsubplot object
ggsubplot-class ggsubplot class
interval_breaks Pick breaks for interval (1d) bins.
is.rel is x a rel object?
is.sp_layer Is an object (functionally) a sp_layer?
list-class list S4 class
names_scales Returns the first aes of a scale, to use as an identifier for the scale
nasa Nasa data from the 2006 American Statistical Association Data Expo
ply_aes Compute aesthetics groupwise
propogate_aes Ensure each layer contains all aesthetic mappings that affect it.
propogate_data Ensure each layer contains a data set
proto-class proto S4 class
ref_box Reference box glyph
ref_hline Horizontal reference line glyph
ref_vline Vertical reference line glyph
rel Make a rel class object
remove_I replace I() with identity
rescale_01 rescale vectors to [0,1]
rescale_11 rescale vectors to [-1,1]
rescale_2pi rescale vectors to [0, 2 * pi]
sp_layer Create a sp_layer object
sp_layer-class sp_layer class
unpanel Format data from a facet plot to use in a
ggsubplot plot which_untrained find scales that have no range yet
which_x find x scale
which_y find y scale