TSdist: Distance Measures for Time Series Data

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バージョン: 3.2

関数名 概略
ACFDistance Autocorrelation-based Dissimilarity
ARLPCCepsDistance Dissimilarity Based on LPC Cepstral Coefficients
ARMahDistance Model-based Dissimilarity Proposed by Maharaj (1996, 2000)
ARPicDistance Model-based Dissimilarity Measure Proposed by Piccolo (1990)
CCorDistance Cross-correlation based distance.
CDMDistance Compression-based Dissimilarity measure
CIDDistance Complexity-Invariant Distance Measure For Time Series
CorDistance Dissimilarities based on Pearson's correlation
CortDistance Dissimilarity Index Combining Temporal Correlation and Raw Value Behaviors
DTWDistance Dynamic Time Warping distance.
DissimDistance The Dissim distance is calculated.
EDRDistance Edit Distance for Real Sequences (EDR).
ERPDistance Edit Distance with Real Penalty (ERP).
EuclideanDistance Euclidean distance.
FourierDistance Fourier Coefficient based distance.
FrechetDistance Frechet distance
InfNormDistance The infinite norm distance.
IntPerDistance Integrated Periodogram based dissimilarity
KMedoids K medoids clustering for a time series database using the selected distance measure.
LBKeoghDistance LB_Keogh for DTW.
LCSSDistance Longest Common Subsequence distance for Real Sequences.
LPDistance Lp distances.
ManhattanDistance Manhattan distance.
MindistSaxDistance Symbolic Aggregate Aproximation based dissimilarity
MinkowskiDistance Minkowski distance.
NCDDistance Normalized Compression based distance
OneNN 1NN classification for a pair of train/test time series datasets.
PACFDistance Partial Autocorrelation-based Dissimilarity
PDCDistance Permutation Distribution Distance
PerDistance Periodogram based dissimilarity
PredDistance Dissimilarity Measure Based on Nonparametric Forecasts
STSDistance Short time series distance (STS).
SpecGLKDistance Dissimilarity based on the Generalized Likelihood Ratio Test
SpecISDDistance Dissimilarity Based on the Integrated Squared Difference between the Log-Spectra
SpecLLRDistance General Spectral Dissimilarity Measure Using Local-Linear Estima- tion of the Log-Spectra
TSDatabaseDistances TSdist distance matrix computation.
TSDistances TSdist distance computation.
TSdist-package Distance Measures for Time Series in R.
TquestDistance Tquest distance.
WavDistance Dissimilarity for Time Series Based on Wavelet Feature Extraction
example.database Example databases.
example.database2 Example synthetic database with series belonging to different classes.
example.database3 Example synthetic database with series belonging to different classes.
example.series Example series.